rules of the game



Rules of the Game





FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED – If you throw a punch at the fields, before, during, or after any game, you will be removed and permanently banned from playing soccer at ”POLICE ATHLETIC LEAGUE". If necessary, the Manatee County Sheriff Department will be called to respond.

PAL Soccer encourages a competitive spirit, but we will NOT TOLERATE fighting.

Please note: Your league, tournament, and/or any fees and dues will not be refunded if you are expelled due to fighting.

Game Duration: Each game is 2 x 22 minutes half with a 5 minutes half time.

Substitutions: Substitutions are unlimited. Permitted after goals, during breaks in play, or during play (player must be at the field through own team gate of his/her team before a substitute can enter).

No slide tackling, chewing gum, spitting or board hopping

All free kicks are direct.

Foul Accumulation The referee keeps track of every single foul and announces to the payers the status after every faul. The first 7 fouls are executed normally but foul #8 regardless where the foul occurred will be executed from the RED FOUL MARKER. All fouls are erased after the 1st half and everyone starts from 0 in the 2nd half.

Because is not easy to retrieve  balls from the rink due to the proximity of multiple fences A FOUL will be assessed to a player who kicks the ball directly out of bounce intentionally or not (non-deflected)

KIcks sending the ball out of bounce when the intention is to score ARE NOT penalized. 

NO Offsides

Goals may not be score from kick off

In all free kicks the opponent must be a minimum of 3 yards from the ball.

When the ball leaves the rink the play must re start from the ground, 3 yards away rule applies for opponent.

Corner kick are executed from the 8 yard line. Opponent must be at least 3 yards away from the ball. 

Yellow Card 2-minute penalties resulting from fouls must be served for the duration unless that team is scored against. The team will play short during this time. The penalized player may re-enter the field at the expiration of time or after the goal.

REFEREE FEE: $30 per game per team

NO-SHOW POLICY: There will be a No Show Fee of $60 charged to any team who does not speak directly to PAL Soccer employee more than 24 hrs in advance of the scheduled game

INJURIES: The game clock does not stop in the case of injuries. Referee may add additional time.

RED CARD POLICY: A player or coach ejected (red-carded) in a game or scrimmage by a referee will serve a minimum 1-week from all divisions in which the individual plays. The suspension may be longer depending on the severity of the incident and any previous red cards. The league reserves and will use the right to place any probationary period of life league play bans on red card penalties. No refunds will be given to a player receiving a red card.

An ejected player or coach must leave the facility.