flash Tournaments

General Information

Is a 4 Teams Tournament

  • Teams  will play a minimum of 4 games
  • Each game is 14 min long (Two 7 min. halfs without break) 

Tournament Format

Team #1 vs. Team #4

Team #2 vs. Team #3

Team #1 vs. Team #3

Team #4 vs. Team #2

Team #1 vs. Team #2

Team #3 vs. Team #4

At the end of the round robin round all 4 teams will advanced to the semis finals. The best record will play the worst ane the second best will play the third. 

In an effort to give all matches importance the best two records will have an advantage going in to the next round.

Best team record starts winning 1-0 and if the game results is a tie 'Best team record' moves on.

'Second best record starts winning 1 –0. If the game results in a tie they will go to shootouts

Finals Winner of Semis #1 vs. Winner of Semis #2

Tie Breaker criteria

1. Head to Head

2. Goal Difference

3. Goals Scored

4. Goals Received